Things I wish I invented

Every once in a while something brilliant comes into the market and I have a damn why didn’t I think of that moment.  I get that moment at least once a week when some 18 year old invents something so useful I wonder how the world existed without it in the first place. In-Flight Baby Carrier

Just had that moment when I saw this product.  The FlyeBaby hammock from Although it can only be used during the cruise part of your journey at £38.99 its a lovely product.  At least I can console myself with the fact that it wasn’t invented by an 18 year old :-). I am also in love with their Five-Point Harness System perfect for taking your kids out to social gatherings. baby harness from London mum on a budget

(This is not a sponsored post all the view expressed are mine)


5 thoughts on “Things I wish I invented

  1. Lol@ at least it wasn’t invented by an 18 year old. But it looks like it ll be very useful not one of those things u buy and never get to use. But for a mom on a budget?? Humm. That’s another story..

  2. Lol@ not invented by an 18 year old.. So I take it this was invented by a mom.. Looks great and I see it wnt be one of those things u just buy and not get to use.. But for a mama on a budget that is another matter.

  3. exactly its actually a y didnt i think of situation ….but one has bought so many and never really get to use it(thinking…………………..i wonder y)

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