WHAT WOMEN WANT: Evolution, Genes or Multitasking?

woman multitasking
“I really don’t understand her mate. I have given her all she wants and she isn’t still satisfied,” said the blind man to his even blinder friend  “Yea that the thing about birds there is no understanding them they just love to nag” That age-long question men have been asking since the stone age what do women want?  According to researchers the reason why men and women behave differently is that they evolved differently. In the ancient past, achieving high status as a great hunter and provider for the group got a man the best of what was available in the group, so they got very competitive and focused towards that goal, while the women stayed at home cultivating relationships, friendships and taking care of the men becoming the nurturers’  Is the truth really that we are still using a body and brain design that is approximately 30,000 years old! If this indeed true, I need some answers from Charles Darwin •

Why is it that women have evolved to the work place and become as competitive and driven as men while still remaining in most part nurturers (even thought some would rather die before they admit it)?

Why have men stopped evolving (especially the black African men)?

Why can’t men combine provide, protect and care. If they are indeed so wise, strong and competitive  (we being the weaker sex)

How come they cannot successfully combine  what we (women) have now been doing for years? Is it that they are not as strong and wise as they think they are?

Do they not see us as worthy competitors to join in the race to do what we do better or is it their inability to multitask that has made them fall  stunted in the evolution race. Would it not be nice if  he could anticipate your needs the way you always seem to be able to do his (you know we are not into magic we just care about you that’s why we have taken an interest in what you do and what you wear, eat, etc.)  If anyone can answer my evolution questions I would really love to hear from you.
(this is an old post I just revamped)


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