The Dilemma of the Pant – a – Loons

Pants on London Mum on a budget

….. In this business of getting back in to shape this isn’t quite what I expected.

See I expect my trousers not to fit quite as they used to. That’s fine I can live with that.

Dresses still not fitting, we can fast and pray. Shoes that no longer fit can be sold on eBay.

However what happens to pants. (Not trousers I mean pants, underwear, lingerie). To me these are once in a life time buy. By that I mean you buy them when you get to a certain age and they fit you for life. So imagine my surprise this morning when I dipped in to my cupboard, pulled out one at random and PING too small. WHAT? &**))__)(*&^%^%”!**+ (I have been told not to swear by my sister). Since when do I have random bum increment?  Does my bum look bigger? I look in mirror at said bum, not to my eyes. What is this? I thought I was winning the war against fat?  I don’t know how to end this really. My baby has woken up and is staring at me. He probably thinks my bum is my breast 😦


6 thoughts on “The Dilemma of the Pant – a – Loons

  1. Lol! Love it…don’t get me started…my only consolation is that its only been two months since I have birth….but buying what I consider fat people (no offense) clothes is heartbreaking. Still in the words of the great apostle Paul we press onto the mark of the upward call of God…heck yes it’s a call of God to be a yummy mummy!

    Anyway…keep it coming


  2. ℓ☺ℓ don’t be too hard on urself. Are you sure U̶̲̥̅ did not pick up a pair that shrunk in the wash. Or it could just be that U̶̲̥̅’ve built up the muscle so ur bum is bigger. Anyways I see you and you look gorgeous. A bigger bum can only be a good plus see it dat way 🙂 do you know how many squats you need before your bum shoots out :)) mehn!

  3. so hilarious but my amazement someone i use to call bakasi because of her butt turned round and started calling me same ,me who i always knew was flat butted.i guess while men slept ……………………somethings went to work

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