Name Change – London Mum on a Budget now She Loves to Rant.

woman ranting

Every one who knows me knows I love a bargain. That is why when I started this blog I called it mum on a budget. However since I started it I haven’t posted any budget ideas. My main focus has been ranting on relationships and how difficult it has been being a mum without family in the UK.  That is why I have decided to rename my blog.


couple ranting

My HB gave me this idea when he referred to my as the ranting blog. Although I must say, that same day at work I thought of the idea as well .Wrote it down on a post it.  Great minds -).  Anyways I am hoping with the name change I would turn a new leaf and post regularly. As they say the spirit is willing but the flesh is soooo weak. My schedule is soo tight. It’s hard to find the time.

My day goes like this –

4.50am – HB Alarm goes off waking both me and baby

5.00am – Try to convince baby to go back to sleep

6.00am – Alarm goes off

6.10am – Bible study (depending on what kind of night I had, if baby woke up 5 times then I would definitely hit the snooze button)

6.50am – Dressed, wake baby up and get him dressed.

7.15am – Out of the door to minders place (hopefully all goes well, baby doesn’t poop as we are about to leave the house)

7.30am – On the way to the station (read bible, return calls from previous night/ talk to hubby who has arrived at work)

8.45am – Arrive at work, breakfast

9.00am – Work

1.00pm – Break (run errands, pick up clothes, groceries)

5.30pm – Close

5.45pm – Journey home ( catch up with people on the phone)

6.45pm  – Home (if hubby isn’t working late)

7.30pm – Home (if I have to pick baby)

7.30pm – 9pm – Bath mum and baby, dinner (prepared by daddy), prepare for the next day.

9pm  – 10pm  –  Family prayer, read baby story and put him to sleep.

10pm – 10.30pm – Tidy up

11.00 – Brain has gone to sleep.

Help I need a secretary. I still need to post on my blog and read for my driving test.

I would just close my eyes for a while  hummmmmm sleeeeeep






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