One Step Away from a Straight Jacket.

A while ago DH sent me this article . The article is about a woman who decided to stop cleaning up after her kids for six days.  When I read the article, I silently told myself not to do any cleaning at the weekend and document it for my blog.

untidy kitchen

picture from daily mail

However, I knew that my plan was bound to fail even before it began. Why?

1 – I can’t stand dirt of any kind. It makes me unable to concentrate. My body constantly itches me until I tidy up. Hence, I am constantly on my feet until I go to bed. I can’t wait for the family to go to bed so that I can clean the living room and the kitchen. I have been known to wake up in the middle of the night for a wee and stop to tidy up.  So any resolve I might have would probably have failed in minutes.

2 – DH approach to house cleaning is comfort is king. Everything has to be within reach. Tea cups (which baby promptly overturns unto carpet), plates (which never make their way to the kitchen after a meal) and my personal favorite boxers hanging on bathroom door handle.

My baby recently turned one. After the party when anyone asked me how it went. I told them how after the event I was up till 1am cleaning and if you came to my house the next morning you would never know anything had happened. I guess in some weird sort of way I did consider that my greatest achievement of the day.

I am sure DH and I would argue a lot less if I just learn to be more relaxed about dirt. I recently read an article about zodiac signs, sent to me again by DH. Apparently Aries (me) and Capricorn (him) are very uncompromising in their ways. To be honest I never really believed in zodiac signs as a Christian but this article was spot on in defining the complexities of our relationship. The article states

The two of you are an interesting match. You can be the kind of power couple that stays together forever, while outsiders wonder how two such completely different people can get along so well (no one believed we would get married, with all the arguments, the break ups, the drama mostly from me arisan that I am)

Capricorn may be just too conservative for innovative, experimental Aries. Capricorn is ordered, settled and practical, while Aries is restless, fiery and impulsive. Both of you like to dominate (yes we do). By combining forces, you can become a spectacular team (hummmmmmmm).

One of the Aries Capricorn combination’s biggest challenges is dealing with money. Aries has expensive tastes, while Capricorn is security-minded (ha ha).

Ah I have deviated in to a post about relationship. I would leave this for later and do a proper post about that. Back to cleaning or the straight jacket which ever gets me first.


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