Yep Its Over – Time to Say Goodbye

A girl has got to know when to call it quits and the time has come. I have officially severed my relationship with NEXT. Yep It’s over we are done, finished, Kaput.

Today I closed my next directory account. The relationship was fun while it lasted. £3000 credit to spend on clothes. I guess I went a little bit crazy. December VIP sales were my best moments. I spent the rest of the year paying off my december spree. They were there for me through choir uniforms, maternity clothes and finally baby boys clothes.  I did cheat on them a lot as I feel they don’t do casual clothes well. I knew it wasn’t a health relationship as they really weren’t giving me anything back except clothes that I really didn’t  need and interests rates that made the sales not that much of a bargain.

So what happened you might ask.  They stood me up one too many times. The relationship had been working for nearly 4 years however, 4 months ago we hit a rough patch.  They promised me one to many next day deliveries that never made it.

shoddy next image from next

At the lowest point in our relationship. Their dreadful courier Hermes just kept sending my orders back to the warehouse.

delivery tracking

When I called customer service I was told the courier though my house was too difficult to find. Of all the excuses in the world (I haven’t moved mind you). I guess my house is hiding from Next, under a tree I suppose.  On a different occasion I was told that they had been informed by my neighbors that I had travelled. I asked said neighbors. Nope, Next hadn’t come by.

If it was just online deliveries that had been messed up, I would have laid the blame solely on Hermes and blamed them for breaking us up. We could even have attended couples counseling, tried to work through our issues.  However, when I ordered stuff to pick up in store the same thing occurred. I would get a notification email that my stuff was in the shop, go to pick it up and wham order is not yet in shop. I would then get another notification email/text not to forget to pick up my order. I would make the journey to the shop only for the order not to be found. After that I would get yet another email that the order had been returned to the warehouse because I failed to collect it.

Next Emails

So you see I have given them all the chances I can.  I hate it when you send me mixed messages Next. The latest one happened this weekend and I have finally taken the hint.  You no longer value my business so I have decided to take it else where. It is definitely not me its you big time soo, adieu. Besides, I shouldn’t really be spending all that money on clothes. One of my 2013 resolutions is to spend less on clothes and save more so I guess it was a sign from God.

Anyways, I have moved on.  SKY called me on my way home and offered me sky TV (HD) with free installation for £9.36 for being such a loyal customer. To be honest I was thinking of jumping ship to virgin as they offer fibre optic broadband for £12 no phone line need. I am currently paying £22.55 with SKY for the same service. They certainly knew what to do to keep me faithful. Next do take a hint.


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