The Beauty of Firsts.

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I am quite cynical about being a mum.  But there are some things that you just can’t be cynical about. The first time you child smiles at you…. The first time he sits, crawls, walks, dances, laughs out loud….

There are so many of these mile stones in the first year of your child’s life. The icing on the cake being when they turn one. No other birthday can compare to this, there would never be another first birthday.

Growing up I had many relative abroad. When they came home on holiday they often marvelled at how much you had grown, how you used to do this and that, when they saw you crap in your diaper and rub polish on your face ha ha ha. This really annoyed me. I thought these are just normal things a baby does. Get over it.  However, now that I am a mum I understand the joy these simple activities gave them.

Happy first birthday my darling.

LO Birthday Pictures

Blue and White Birthday Pictures

LO Birthday Pictures

First Birthday Pictures

Birthday Pinara

Me and Little one

These lovely pictures were taken by my friend Bola Okunleye.


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