The money in the card isn’t real to me.

I love the convenience of a card. Be it debit or credit. You never have to carry money anywhere, you never have to see it, you never have to watch it go down as you spend it, how brilliant. Whoever invited the bank card should be kissed everyday. However, it has become part of my new year resolution to stop carrying one. I have resolved to hence fort carry cash in wallet until such a time I can see my remaining balance on the screen as I shop and it should not have an opt out policy, at least not for people like me.

You see I hide my spending addiction behind the card. I don’t see the money I am spending so it doesn’t seem real. Bank balance checks are delayed until they are absolutely necessary. The sales are my weakest time of the year as I have to pass through an array of shop with their flashy red signs appealing directly to me on my way to work. Further discounts, extra 10% of sales,end of line, last chance sale, a top for a tenner an absolute bargain, £5 t-shirt WOW.
women visiting the sales
Then it all adds up to the heap of crap I have in my wardrobe. My mother used to say:

every 10p is a pound and every pound is a tenner. It all adds up.

That is why I have resolved, £10 a week in my wallet.
Card thanks for being my friend but I need some space. I know it’s not you its me. So I am taking a break to work on myself.


4 thoughts on “The money in the card isn’t real to me.

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  2. makes lots of sense i guess we dont have as much of the same issue back home as not so many shops have caught on to the pos as fast.

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