This post highlights the need for me to get more organized. Its 19 days into the year and I am just doing a resolution post. The first thing I am putting on my list is

1} Be more organized: I am a lover of list. Every day I write a dozen list. you might think that’s a good way to get organized, however I write this list on a thousand different pieces of papers which I promptly lose only to be found when cleaning out the odd jacket. I need to consolidate these list to one good organizer.
I saw this great one on Terri Lowes blog

Blog Planner

Blog Planner from Hello Terri Lowe

I absolutely love it. Still searching for something similar 😦

2} Adhere to my shopping ban: I have been trying to adhere to my shopping ban for a while now, but have failed miserably due to the sale. So from February after I buy my much-needed black cardigan or jumper and spend my topshop voucher. I am going on a shopping ban till the summer sales. The rules are I wont be buying any new item of clothing except it is for a wedding (about 5 of my friends are getting married this year :-))

3} Plan a date night at least once a month. With kids comes fatigue. The logistics behind a night out when you don’t have any family in the country can often become a nightmare. Also our regular minder doesn’t work weekend. I remember the last time my hubby and I went out all we could think of was getting back to pick Little one up in time. We practically ate our desert standing up. This year I am not going to let that faze me. I need to work out how to make this a reality because he is my first love.

first kiss pics shelovestorant

first kiss wallpaper

4} Kiss.
kiss from shelovestorant
Kiss my hubby at least once a day. I can see every one shirking in horror

you mean you don’t do this already?

Nope I don’t. I am not the most romantic of people. I don’t do the traditional goodbye and welcome kiss. This year however I am going to try to incorporate that in. So help me God.

5} Achieve my goal weight. I still have a few extra pounds from baby hanging around and I would like to get that sorted. I don’t really like exercising and I love food. However I love trying new things. So every month thanks to deals on Groupon, KGB deals and Living Social I would try a new exercise many be the adventure can keep me excited about exercising. I started my year with this

boot camp voucher

60 Minute Boot Camp Classes at Keepfit Bootcamp

I am also looking forward to trying hot yoga.

6} Learn to drive: This is seriously on my things to do before I turn 30 list.

7} Be joyful. Because sometimes life gets in the way.

8} Never let the sun go down on my anger.

Would let you know how I get on with this. If you have any tips or advice feel free to drop me a line.

Next week I would be starting a marriage series due to many of my friends getting married this year. so watch this space.


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