Literally A Shitty Day :-(

Taking a break from the heavy stuff (the marriage series) to share something just for laughs.

My morning runs are usually down to a tee. Every eventuality is prepared for before hand. However, anyone who has a child knows that when they throw a curve ball you can kiss your schedule goodbye. We usually leave the house at 7.15am to catch the 7.20am bus to the child-minders place. Last friday 01/02/2013 at 7.15am we were right on schedule to leave the house. Unfortunately, little one (LO) had other ideas and decided to do a poo. Usually this doesn’t faze me as I can change a diaper to military precision. Unfortunately for me LO is at the stage where he is very interested in what goes on down there. As soon as I opened the diaper, in came his hand trying to reach for his poo. I tried begging ,holding both hands, crying, threatening, to know no avail. 5 minutes later, half pack of wipes and one towel down we were literally covered in poo.

By now he was crying because I won’t let him eat the stuff, I kid you not. He also wanted me to carry him so he could decorate me with the stuff. Decision time do I plonk him in the bathroom and go late to work or wrap him in a bin liner take him to the minder and pretend not to know he is covered in poo. I was so upset.

While I was foaming in anger. I remembered a post by a blogger called Talin where she talked about her Jelly Bean moments (can find the post to link to it). This involves taking pleasure from little things when it feels like everything is going wrong. I looked in his cot and caught sight of a sweater I had recently purchased for him. I have a similar sweater and I thought how nice we would both look if we wore the sweater on the same day. I decided to do that on sunday. 20 minutes later having missed 3 buses. We where out of the door. At least I got Sundays outfit sorted what does it matter if I am late for work. :-).

mummy and baby

LO and I, matchy matchy

Thanks to everyone who has been reading the marriage series. For every one who took the time to drop a comment and get in touch I really appreciate you. If you however missed the series and would like to catch up on it please find –

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I am currently writing my own experience. I can’t wait to share it with you guys.



7 thoughts on “Literally A Shitty Day :-(

  1. I totally get u Mira. Toddler boys can be a handful but they are such cuties. Try puting a favorite toy in his hands while you change him.

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