My Week in Food

Ny week in food

Salmon,Steak,Chicken,Chocolate cake and Chantilly Cream,Cheese Cake,Spaghetti, Pina Colada and me-self rocking my Afro quiff. 🙂

I love food, probably a bit too much if I am honest. I also love to dance.  This week I got to combine the two things I love dinner and dance.  It was a friend’s birthday and we went to Floridita a Latin American dine and dance club.  I wasn’t disappointed by the atmosphere and the music the food however was a bit of a let down.  It wasn’t horrible, it was just okay. Nothing special really.  I was going to go there for my birthday next month however, I am now on the hunt for another affordable Latin dine and dance club. Any suggestion peeps?


8 thoughts on “My Week in Food

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