I Think I Smell Spring

There are several rows of shops on my way to work.  As a recovering shopperholic I find it difficult to resist looking into the windows as I walk pass. Thank God they are never open in the mornings and after work I have to make a dash for it. However, I often find myself online looking through the new collections longingly. I have been resisting the urge to go online but its my birthday month yippee and I am on the hunt for a party dress.

All my usual shops have let me down as I have not found anything remotely interesting. Usually when I shop online I just browse my usual hang outs however this time due to my lack of success, I decided to dig a little deeper. I discovered a new site Bank Fashion . Still didn’t find my party dress and I got side tracked by this little number. I am in love.

Pinnie Dress

Red or Dead Pinnie Dress

Red or Dead isn’t a brand I usually buy. The only item of theirs I own is a pair of prescription glasses. So dear friends if you are looking for what to get me for my birthday your search is over LOL.  I usually get a dress for my birthday every year. This year I am thinking of a change of style maybe a skirt or some thing really different. This season tribal prints, sequins and monochrome are in. I am having a Bollywood themed party (so monochrome is out, too boring), so I have been looking for something suitably sparkly and yet hot, hot, hot.  These are some of my Red or Dead/Forever Unique finds on Bank.


Red or Dead Pearly Sequin Skirt and SELFISH By Forever Unique Azro Sequin Skirt

I am so excited I know about 10 people born in march. Yesterday I was at ping pong with one of them. Would share how that went when I do another My Week in Food Post. I cant wait to see what this month holds. So many birthdays, so much food.

Happy New Month Peeps. I wish you all loads of happiness in this new month.




6 thoughts on “I Think I Smell Spring

  1. happy birthday my dear sister in advance. so now i know the gift. i like the selfish skirt i think i ll get that for u.

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