Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

women and Children's Wellingtons

Mother and Child’s Wellingtons

Images from Blacks.co.uk

Just when I write a post about spring, here comes snow to laugh in my face. The last time it snowed, I didn’t take my son out to play. I was worried that he might get a cold and I didn’t want to risk it because of work. Also, I didn’t have the right gear. I am not quite sure if I should still buy snow boots or wellies seeing it’s almost spring. Even the shops are preaching the spring message by not stocking any winter wear. The weather however is refusing to cooperate . I went into a shop to look for thick gloves for my son and I, I was informed by the shop assistant that they are no longer in stock because it is spring. My reply “wishing its spring doesn’t actually make it come true does it”.

I am now forced to browse speciality shops online. My dilemma now is what size to buy. I can’t buy his actual size now as spring is almost here (touch wood). I can’t buy a size up because by next winter he would have out grown it. I can’t buy two sizes up as that would definitely be a health and safety issue in the snow. Decisions, decisions maybe I should just keep him in doors but then the guilt sets in like he is missing out on something. Arhhhhhhhh! Can I pray for more snow so my purchase can be justified?

Let it snow! Let it snow!


7 thoughts on “Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

  1. Do not pray for more snow! I don’t think I can take another snow day, I’ve got nothing left to do. Or maybe that’s just what I’m telling myself. There does seem to be a rather angry looking pile of washing that needs to be done …. Hmmm maybe I should be doing something more productive!?

    Thanks for following my blog! Hope you stick around 🙂

  2. No more snow!!!
    best to buy the wellies a size bigger.They tend to last for a long time.It can nover be too big.their legs won`t slip out:)

  3. I don’t mind snow, just the cold that comes with it, outside floor slipper and most of all falling down (very very painful, I tell you), so wearing the right shoes and cloth is very very important, especially when you live a country that the weather is not consistent, Rain,Sun, Snow or all the three at the same time and you wonder why people are unwell.
    God save England from inconsistent weather. I Just hope 2013 bring us all nice Summer weather, well that is still in the air somewhere, we can only pray.

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