So Many Attractions So Little Time! Oh London

I often have visitors from outside the country staying with me. When they come over they have a list of places to go and an even longer list of places they have been. I get so green with envy. I realize that even though I live in London I actually haven’t experienced London. I haven’t been to any of the tourist or just fun places (apart from places to eat :-)). For instance, I have been dying to see a 3D movie however, I haven’t quite gotten to it. Between baby and work I have not been to see a movie in 16 months. My perfect London day out would be to get a hotel in central London for a day and just be a tourist. Somewhere affordable like Holiday Inn Bloomsbury (they have an Easter break package for £44) and visit all the attractions around it. Williams Henry Davis said in his poem Leisure “What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare. I really need to find the time to stand and just stare.

The first place I would visit would be Imax London.

Imax glasses

Cool Dude

I pass this on my way to work most mornings I can believe I have never been in it. I would definitely love to see a 3D movie in there. Next would be the theatre. I absolutely love the theatre as I am from a drama school background.


There is a show coming up Tits and Giggles – Get your Quips Out for Coppafeel it sounds like a right laugh and it is for a good cause; breast cancer awareness. Another place I would love to visit is the Cartoon Museum it is also a walking distance from the hotel.

The cartoon musuem

I loved cartoons as a child, my cousin and I used to spend hours making comic books. I have fallen by the way side while he is still waxing strong trying to make a career out of it . There are so many places that are on the same axis of central London that I could visit like Madame Tussauds (probably get one of those crazy pictures taken)

Me and the Hulk

Terrible editing of Me and the hulk

I would also love to visit the London dungeon however hubby doesn’t do scary. Would end the day walking around Piccadilly Circus trying a few cocktails .

Off to the calendar to try to make this happen *winks* as William Davis Henry says A poor life this is if, full of care,We have no time to stand and stare. Definitely do not want my life to be poor.

Is there anyone out there a bit like me who hasn’t found the time to stand and stare?


12 thoughts on “So Many Attractions So Little Time! Oh London

  1. Lol at the picture of you and the Hulk.
    I will really love to visit madame Tussauds.
    I pass by the dungeon everyday seeing all the bloodied face workers,looking queues are always long during summer.
    Fingers crossed we can do it sometime soon….
    As kids get older,you will begin to take them to all the atractions;museums,galleries e.t.c not looking forward to those..

  2. Hey there, great post! As you know, I love London life and you’ve picked some fab choices. I definitely recommend Imax, I saw Avatar there and it was an experience. Have no desire to visit London Dungeon (babes way too scared) but would happily chip in for cocktails 😉 x

  3. Anytime I travel one of my desire is to visit a cinema n I always try to accomplish that in every country I go but Even with such keen interest for the cinema that I have , one has opened almost besides my house and it took me donkey years to finally go there.i guess it’s easier to smell d roses when they are far away from you. I can preach about so many lovely places and historical sites in calabar but I ve not been to them myself.

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