Road Trip! I Deserve The Most Reliable Car

road tripI have to say I really don’t know much about cars (although I aim to be driving by the end of the year). However, this weekend I had serious car envy. The object of my envy was the Honda CRV. We saw loads of them on our road trip (Apparently, Honda’s are the most reliable cars in the UK an award they have held for 7 years in a row).

This weekend we drove down to Wakefield for my son’s cousins birthday. I expected there to be tears on the journey because we where travelling with a toddler. Getting him to sit still for 4 hours seemed like a lot to ask. However, throughout the journey LO was a dream. I on the other hand was restless and felt queasy all the way. Did I mention I hate road trips. We had a car buff with us (my husband’s cousin). He constantly pointed out beautiful cars to us, talking about the size of the engine and all the kind of things men say about a car that makes you feel they are talking about a woman. They where so animated (Seriously! what’s it with men and cars). My friend who recently passed her driving test has been researching on a car to buy (by researching I mean asking her mum). Her mum swears by the Honda she has had hers for over 5 years and has never had a problem with it. As for me, I don’t care what the size of the engine is or how many horse powers. Call me a girl, Yep I still don’t care. Its beautiful, reliable and has leg room. I WANT IT.

DH was so impressed by LO behaviour on this trip that he started penciling in more road trips in to our schedule. I reminded him that this year is a busy year. Alas no one hearkened to my voice of reasoning. So here is an open letter to DH.

Dear DH, I am a tired old woman with aching bones *winks* the only thing that is going to get me on another road trip is a Honda CRV (see image below). This is the way I like to roll so please comply. The end. Rant Over.

honda CRV

my car 🙂


11 thoughts on “Road Trip! I Deserve The Most Reliable Car

  1. ohh the thrills of a road trip!! Fortunately we haven`t had one in ages.
    I love my trips to heathrow, I see all the super fast cars but they are not practicable for car seats and i like my leg room.
    I have had my fair share of car dreams.I wanted a Ford Ka for so long even before I could drive,that love only lasted 3 months,then i wanted the Nissan Qashqai and now the dream is a BMW X6.
    No harm in dreaming eh??

  2. I dislike long trips as a beginner. I remember the longest trip I took was to Reading….and meeehnnn the M4 was one of the longest continuous road I’ve ever plied. Haaa…ki lo de….we went on and on and on.

    But as my driving experience progressed, I began loving to drive even though I feel tired afterwards. I’m managing my Renault Laguna which is quite reliable but I’m longing for a Nissan Qashqai or better still a Maserati or Bentley (wink wink…high taste hun). I tell you of a surety, the moment you fall in love with the roads, you will start desiring for the best cars.

  3. Hey hey…London to Reading is not like 15mins o…Its 1hr +. Just remembered I have driven to Oxford before for a wedding with wifey. I don’t know what made me touch the satnav, but I guess I selected to avoid motor way ….it took use through places like Slough…We could almost say we wrote the movie “Are we there Yet Pt4”

    • Lol, I guess you dont like driving then cause on this trip on of DH’s cousin drove from Oxford to Wakefield and was planning to drive back on Monday in time to resume work for 9. If I might add its a she.

  4. I guess your toddler enjoyed the journey more than you did. It’s usually the other way round ha ha ha. Well, at least you know that you have a lot of saving up to do for this beautiful car and I’m sure if the other half wants a peaceful life then they’d comply. Make sure you put the image of this car in every room in the house, just as a reminder, ha ha ha.

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