Birthday Wishlist

Birthday Wish List


1) Made in Lagos Sweatshirt; I found this on one of my frequent trips to The Natural Lounge.  After much digging I found it online .  Absolutely love it at 45 Euros it’s not so bad. I wish I could get one for my son that would read Made on Valentines day 🙂

2) What is a wish list without some heels; These are so on trend. Spikes and spring colours. I found them on Boohoo, at £30 its practically a steal.

3) Rose is the new gold; I am usually not a watch person but my previous watch just gave up on me. When I took it to the shop I was told I would have to pay £40 to get the engine serviced as it was out of warranty. I might as well invest in a new one the rage now is women wearing men’s wristwatch. Ideally I would love a Rolex  (a girl can dream can,t she) but I guess I might have to settle for the £85 swatch.

4) An Ipad mini; no explanations needed. I need it, I want it now.

5) An SLR Camera; Currently in the process of saving for one. What is a blog without great pictures. I haven’t placed a link to the one I want to get because I haven’t quite made up my mind. Nothing to high-end though just something that can take great pictures without fuss. My uncle promised to buy me one for my birthday. Shame he has upped and gone to Singapore without fulfilling his promise. See uncle I promised to name and shame. A promise is a debt. (please Re-tweet)

6) Blue Converse; Just got a blue vans for my son so I want a blue converse to play matchy matchy with him. I haven’t decided where to shop for it yet still watching out for deals.

7) Ugg Boots; Hello spring since you missed the train to London I have decided to get myself some sung boots. I hear its going to be winter forever this year so I might as well.  Besides after the Ugg Boots made my wish list 3 times in a row, DH decided he was tired of my nagging and finally got them for me for my birthday. There was a great offer in office so he got 20% off that is £40 off to you and me.  I can’t wait for them to be delivered. I am sure I would live in them. Thanks Hon (see I am romantic).

So there guys you can’t say you so don’t know what to get me for my birthday.

Thanks for reading and commenting guys you have been great as always.




7 thoughts on “Birthday Wishlist

  1. Im loving the shoes and the ipad mini!!!! they are totally a must get.
    Mira welcome to the UGGs crew, I cant live without them, I only wish they made water proof ugg for when it sows or rains

    • Thanks dear. All though with all the shops getting my orders wrong I worry if this would go right. I ordered a size 8 which was supposed to be 41 now I received a dispatch email that 8.5 has been sent out. 😦

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