I Told You So

There are four words everyone hates to be told by their spouse – I told you so. However it’s so hard not to say those words when they ring so true. During our pre-marriage counselling we were warned about the pit falls of pointing fingers, keeping scores and the need to always be right. I think DH was asleep during this particular session as he never admits to being wrong so on a rear occasion when he does, it deserves to be documented for the sake of posterity (nope I am not keeping scores *winks* I am better than that).

You know how when its one season you totally forget what the other seasons feel like. When its winter you forget warmth and sunshine. That is what happened when we went duvet shopping last winter. DH proclaimed that nothing else would do but a 30 tog duvet. I tried to convince him to get a dual duvet made for both seasons or buy a lesser tog and dress warm to bed so when it summer or spring we would not need to get another duvet. He said he would rather buy two duvet one for summer and one for winter. While this may seem like a brilliant plan squashing a 30 tog duvet into the wardrobe isn’t an easy task. So out went the plan. Besides it was winter at the time so we didn’t really dwell on it.

John Lewis Isla Throw, TealJohn Lewis Roma Throws , Catkin

Now a little sunshine is upon us the 30 tog duvet is way too hot. Despite opening the window through the night I still wake up drenched in sweat. DH has finally admitted defeat. We need a spring/summer duvet. I am now scouting the internet looking for a suitable duvet. However,when a shopaholic goes online she loses focus. Why not get bedspreads, throws and other accessories give the bedroom a spring make over. You know how much I love matching stuff. You see darling being wrong is going to cost you. So whats the moral of this story you might ask? Never admit to being wrong :-).

PS. DH totally hates throws. He says they have no practical use than to sit at the foot of a bed. Who cares I am getting one any way.


6 thoughts on “I Told You So

  1. Lol! The give and take and flexibility needed in order to grow and maintain a successful marriage.
    There’s an old reggae song which contains the words…when you are wrong, don’t say you’re right…when you are wrong, you must admit that you are wrong.
    When we can remove the pride and exercise a bit of humility…it becomes easier to say, I’m sorry…you were right. 🙂
    I tend to agree with D about the throws…not very practical at all.

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