Spring Cleaning

scattered wardrope

my messed up wardrobe

In the last couple of years, I have worked my way through a few sizes. Going from a size 4 when I came to this country (yep I was seriously under weight) cue in McDonalds, KFC and chinese coupled with the life of a student I shot to a 6 then to an 8 after marriage, 10 after child-birth and now back to an 8 with folds. A real yoyo experience. It took me a while to accept that I would never get back to a 6 so I have decided to sort out my wardrobe. Out with the old and in with the new. I would like to create a capsule wardrobe consisting of only clothes I actually wear. Like most girls I have over 10 pairs of jeans but I only ever wear 2. This spring I aim to get rid of the remaining 8+ and all the other clothes in my wardrobe I can’t actually fit in to. I am also one of those people whose feet never recovered from child-birth so I have a box of shoes some where that I still can’t wear except someone invents foot reduction surgery.

I hope this spring clean is successful because in the past I have tried to do it but ended up getting too sentimental about my heap. Amongst the stuff I feel so sad parting with are my choir uniforms. Most of them are a size 6 and even though I could still squeeze into them when I was a slim 8 now I am a big 8 (tummy not yet completely flat) the clothes feel a bit tight. The thought of having to start getting them all over again is so discouraging; black suit, grey suit, brown suits, white suit not to mention the shirts the list is endless.

This time around I have decided to sell the lot may be the money incentive would motivate me to actually do it. My usual hunts where eBay and preloved I sold some of my sons old stuff there. I have just discovered that music magpie sell clothes. I didn’t know you could actually sell clothes on their site I used to think they just sold old CD’s (apparently this is a new feature). They give you an instant quote and you can decide if you want to sell or not, cutting out all the hassle of bidding. You know what you are getting from the start. I am off to hunt for some treasure and give it a try. New clothes I can smell you already. Would let you know how it goes.


2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Nice post.
    We do the same but we should check out music magpie (didn’t know they sell clothes) as we only distribute to charity shops and sell on ebay.

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