Multitasking Challenge

working mum
As a working mum, my weekends are down to a precision art. With a list of chores that would make any domestic goddess green with envy. I have to multi task to get everything done in time or else I wouldn’t get any rest. Here is a snap shot of my list

Sort out 4 loads of washing (whites, coloured, blacks and wools) the key to this is starting the whites and coloured early so that by the time the wools are washed (they take the longest to dry and we don’t own a drier and we live in a flat so no hanging space) the whites and coloured are dried making way for the wools to dry all weekend.

Organise the meals for the week. I am not really a fan of cooking. I do love food but the process of getting it ready and out there isn’t my favourite chore. Truth be told I prefer cleaning to cooking. My approach to cooking is fast and convenient (cooking things that are easy from scratch). If you know anything about cooking African food, you would know this is almost an impossible mission. Every meal has two have 2 types of meat, vegetables washed and chopped to precision size. Different types of fish – dried, fresh, blended etc. There is also LO’s food and fruit pots to be prepared & labelled for the week. Over the weekend I cook in bulk so I don’t need to prepare anything from scratch during the week as most days I get home by 7.10pm.

– House cleaning. Weekend is the time to give every room a complete wipe down. DH also chips in buy drying the washing, taking out the bins, cleaning the bathroom and generally keeping LO busy while I get on with it.

So when I was sent this multitasking test by open education I was so sure I was the ideal candidate for it . However, my score was below average :-(. I am not sure if it’s because I was playing it during my break at work and I gave it all but 2 minutes (diminished attention span). I would try again during a less stressful period and update the post. Do have a play and let me know how it goes.

I have also included some articles below which show that multi tasking isn’t such a good idea so maybe there is a silver lining behind my low score *winks*

PS. I tried to embed the game on my blog don’t know why it didn’t work. While trying to find out what was wrong I accidentally published the post before it was ready as well. Apologies to everyone who got the unfinished version.


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