Review – E45 Body Lotion

e45 Nourish and RestoreI was sent a box of 2 full size E45 lotions and some samples by BzzAgent UK. I was very sceptical about trying it because I have extremely dry skin.

I never knew I had dry skin until I moved to the UK. I tried every over the counter dry skin cream and lotion including E45 to no avail. I had to go to my GP to get a specialist cream and that’s what I have been using ever since. I have never considered using anything else.

I didn’t particularly like the thickness of the cream I was using (although it was working it took a lot of rubbing to get it into the skin) so I tried the lotion. However, when I used the lotion it didn’t work as well as the cream and I started to itch. So when I was selected to try E45 Nourish and Restore. I was very sceptical. DH who also has dry skin refused to try it. He also banned me from trying it on LO who has dry skin and is presently using Oilatum junior and aqueous cream as a soap substitute.

I started the course on the 8th of April and to my surprise it really worked despite it being a lotion. I have been expecting the itch to return but nope –  no itch. It really comes in handy on those mornings when I can’t make it to the bathroom and I have to do a “rub and shine” 😉 in other to be at work on time. It feels so light and is absorbed into the skin so quickly. It doesn’t feel sticky even when I don’t have a bath. When DH saw that it was working for me he decided to try it. He was also surprised that it worked. He has now taken the two bottles I was sent and declared ownership.

You don’t have to take my word for it you can order a free sample here and give it a try. I would also love to hear from anyone who has tried this in the past and it didn’t work only to try it now and have a change of heart.

PS – Having a bath is highly recommended *winks*


11 thoughts on “Review – E45 Body Lotion

    • Totally agree. Dry skin was never a problem for me until I got here. Even when I have relatives visiting they are constantly complaining until they leave. They always hate the feel of the cream I tell them to use when are here. I am sure they wont mind the E45 lotion.

      • Exactly, same with me. My mum just came to visit me and told me that she has never had such a dry skin….Thanks…I will definitely order it 🙂

  1. I also am a bzz agent and got my free trials and was very unsure about this before it arrived. I previously remembered my younger brother using it years ago for bad skin so had a negative view that his since been changed. I found the lotion easy to use, quick to absorb and good for the whole family (including the hubby). We also have two little ones who use oilatum and other eczema creams so were hesitant to use it on them. However, the original one has been ok so far and is perfect to soften dry feet! The only downside is the smell of the nourish and restore, it reminds me of old ladies!!

    • Hi Alexis, Thanks for chipping in its nice to know someone had the same experience. However, I do like the smell. I guess that makes me an old soul lol. Following you on tweeter.

  2. I have been experiencing eczema before. I have tried many different products and ended up with this one It was just almost 2 weeks when I used this product, no more redness and itchiness now. No more signs of eczema. It works best for me and I can totally say that I’m free from eczema.

    Anyway, I have been under extreme cold weather conditions a while ago, and a friend of mine recommended this product. I wanted to buy this one ahead of time , in case I would experience dry skin due to very cold weather. I am just afraid to use new products as eczema might come back again or something like that. Good thing I’ve found your post.

    Thank you very much and please share your thoughts about this one. I’m looking forward to hear from you. God bless!

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