Help! My Son is Afraid of Leaves



I am having a case of working mum guilt – I don’t do enough outdoor activities with my son. Imagine my horror when I discovered that my son is afraid of leaves. How did this happen? How many trips to the park have we missed ?

Last week I took my son to the urgent care centre because he had been vomiting (another one of those trips where they do absolutely nothing and ask you what you think is wrong ). We had a two and half hour wait before we would be seen so I decided to wait in the park beside the clinic as it was a sunny day.

On the way to the park LO let out a freakish scream when we passed by the hedges. When we got to the park he refused walk on the grass and would only walk on paved ground. Now even when we drive by trees with leaves, he starts to scream. I feel so guilty about this. I grew up on a farm I ran among cattle (so to speak), harvested corn, played with rabbits and chased wild rats. You would often find me at the top of a tree. I once fell down from a mango tree when a lizard crawled over my hand. I was stung by a bee on the way down (Had a concussion for two days though aliens where coming to kill my mum). I still have a phobia for lizards till this day. Such was the drama of my growing up years. For my son to now be afraid of leaves is an absolute disgrace :(.

I hereby make a pledge to LO – Dear LO I promise to take you to the park every weekend except when I have to cook or get the groceries or I am too tired after a long week at work or it’s too cold or……… Sod it your dad would take you. Just Kidding would take you my baby together we would fight this fear.


12 thoughts on “Help! My Son is Afraid of Leaves

  1. LOL at your post. I don’t think you should worry too much about his fears. He will eventually outgrow them, As for the leaves part, it is advisable you explain to him that leaves are part of our daily lives and are not there to hurt us. If every mum had a nickel for all their guilt we would all have built skyscrapers by now. Thank Goodness I am not the only one with a fear of Lizards ( Even writing the name makes my skin crawl). That said maybe some of us don’t outgrow all our phobias but it usually doesn’t stop us living our lives meaning your little cutie will definitely be alright.

      • Lol.on dear LO please. Well I believe he will grow out of it. We all have our fears but leave? Is a strange one to me. But I am certain that with time and age he will grow out of it

        Ps: well done with your posts. Keep it up

  2. Its strange how the fears we pick up from childhood can live with us all through life if not broken. My HD gets scared of the hoover…and runs faaaarrr away when you switch it on to start the cleaning.

    What I did was to ask her to stop crying and calm her….then I held her hand to touch the hoover bit by bit…she was scared at first then she gradually gained confidence….Now she’s fine….

    But yeah, taking LO to the park should help.

  3. Taking the children out to the park, forest, beach are things us parents have to ‘sometimes’ make a concious effort to do…
    There are obviously so many things which can easily prevent us from doing that…work being one of them.
    I’m sure the more he sees mum and dad, relaxing and playing in the greenery the quicker it will help him to grow out of the fear.
    Try taking a ball out or bike so he has something else to focus on.
    Have a good week. 🙂

  4. Did your son ever grow out of his fear of leaves? I’m actually running into the same thing with our 22 month old son. he’s absolutely frozen from fear, but this was from standing on them during a really windy day…as well as I put him on the ground, and it happen to be on one dried leaf. He wouldn’t move. I felt awful.

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