Keeping Busy

I am one for buying stuff purely for the aesthetics. Of late I have been getting really bored of my house. A slow downwards spiral. I desperately want to move so while I search for a place. I keep looking at stuff that would make my house more interesting. Something to make me less likely to jump on the first house I see like a girl who hasn’t been asked on a date in years. I am trying to fall in love with the house again, so when I see things like this

Big Decs Rooster Egg Holder, Bronze

Big Decs Rooster Egg Holder

I convince myself that this is what my kitchen needs to turn me into the ultimate culinary chef. Never mind that they hold just eggs. Which the supermarket carton does really well as that is its sole purpose in life or that if my son accidentally gets hold of this “bang goes the theory” as all the eggs dance on the floor. The heart wants what the heart wants. Besides it’s in the sale. Half prices is surely better than full price.

Another dilemma that is totally driving me nuts (1st world problems hey) is my unending stash of spices. Unending I say because I totally forget that I have them. As Michael McIntyre says in his joke “paprika – I have never been out“. I have all my spices stashed in a tin and I totally forget its there and keep replenishing the stock – hence the unending supply. I desperately need on of these kitchen rack stands to sort my life out. Preferably this spice rack

John Lewis 16 Jar Spice Rack

shame its fathers day soon and not mothers day. I can totally think of a gift for myself. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Keeping Busy

  1. I tend to buy this stuffs whenever I see them but never get to use it. Turning into my mum with keeping of clutters

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