The One With the Flash Cards

I bought some alphabet flash cards to teach my son words. The first two weeks went great. Every time I showed him a card and called out the word he would dutifully repeat it after me despite the cards having some questionable words for an 18 month old like elephant and xylophone, he still did a good job of sounding these words. He even started to recognise two of the pictures (apple and bee) and would call them without prompting. After each word, I would give him some praise by saying good boy.

Free alphabet flash cards

alphabet flash cards

Unfortunately, things have started to go downhill. Now when I show him a card instead of repeating the word after me. He goes straight to praising himself by saying good boy. No matter which card I show him, the only thing he says is good boy. Now, I am not sure if he thinks all the cards are good boys or he seriously thinks he is doing a good job by not pronouncing the words or he has a massive ego and thinks he is the goodest boy ever (excuse my english – if Beyoncé can create a new word so can I) or is just trying to cut the chase by saying good boy and getting it over with. Whichever it is I am not sure what to do at this point.

He still goes round the house shouting bee bee so at least he remembers some of the words and when he uses the flash cards on my phone he pronounces the words accordingly. Good boy? Yes/No the verdict is still out at this point.

PS: you can print free flash cards here 


5 thoughts on “The One With the Flash Cards

  1. Of cos he is the goodest boy ever AP least he is learning something, wether d bee or the elephant or the good boy he has gotten something. Way to go boy.

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