6 thoughts on “How To Protect Your Facebook Page

  1. Ha,
    timely post.I have been seeing people on facebook warning of hackers.
    It hasn`t happened to me yet though.I am changing my password ASAP.
    Just checked where I am currently logged in and it says dagenham,not sure what to make of that..

    • Hum, BB just checked his and he was logged in in 17 places. It might be that you didn’t log out the last time you where @ Dagenham. Or that Facebook recognises your current location as Dagenham. To be safe end the session and login again. If it still says Dagenham then that where the GPS recognises as your location.

  2. wow 17 locations..I was last logged in at work.Asked my IT guiy at work.It seems I am about 10 miles from Dagenham,so it recognises that,odd though.
    Password all changed now.Thanks

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