I can’t let him go

Despite all my whinging about not having a life , LO keeping me from doing anything , me adding a ton of weight , my feet expanding and then decreasing, it turns out, I do like being a mum :-). Who would have thought hey!

Mum mum is visiting for three weeks and she offered to take my son away for a while. With my husband being away she felt it might ease up the stress so I can just relax and go to work. At first I was excited at the FREEDOOOOOOMMMMMM, however when I took a look at the calendar, I realised LO will be away for 3 weeks if I let her take him. 3 WHOLE WEEKS. 

She said he will be potty trained, standing in line, speaking properly and probably reciting the alphabet in Latin and Greek in that time. I know she is right but I just can’t let him go for 3 weeks when he has never been away even for a night. I thought it will be an easy thing to do (letting him go). I was quite surprise that I couldn’t do it. Anyway, I need to lose weight and he definitely keeps me fit with all the running around after him.

Besides I am an angel, I don’t want to lose my wings

Yep! I am an angel

Yep! I am an angel


4 thoughts on “I can’t let him go

  1. It will be hard for the first few days trust me. Take this advice from a travelling mom.its difficult daily but you will be better for it.

  2. I completely understand that feeling…I don’t think I’d be able to or even want to do it for that long…yes its hard and tiring and demanding being responsile for this little person 24/7, but really it is a privilege. Of course when an irresistible offer like that comes round to relieve you for sometime, your brain initially wants to jump at it. And It is easier to hand your LO over to an ‘expert’ to train and return back to you all charged up and ready to go without you enduring the arduous process of potty training and whatever else, but for me I want to be present as much as I can at every milestone in my LOs life. Perhaps it’s first time mummy brainy talking, but sincerely 3 weeks for me is a long time. I recently took my LO to my mum when I went away for 4 days. And honestly it was nice. I didn’t think much about her, largely because I knew she was in safe hands, but also because I knew the time would pass quickly, but I couldn’t do it longer than a weekend for now, while she’s still so young.

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