I Forget My Favourite Disney Character “cough” “cough”

Disney Infinity Characters

I lie ha! ha! I can still remember wanting to be a Disney princess, hanging my braids out of the window and belting out  “A whole new world” at the top of my voice wishing that someday my love would be here and somehow I know that he’ll take care of me me ……. Fast track the years and I can’t remember the last Disney movie that was released. Hubby hates cartoons and I can’t even get LO to watch TV.

I know in a few months’ time superhero’s would be my life, I would literary be buried in cartoon characters. LO is already singing “toki toki litter star, how a wata wa tu are”. This is a vast improvement from last months “wild wild” a tribute to Jesse Jay or “chop a moni” a tribute to all the African party’s he has been to. Last Christmas was spent with LO cousin who had a chronic spider-man fascination. I call it chronic because he refused to take of the spider-man mask all day. He (LO cousin) was going to wear it to sleep, eat and bath if he could help it. His mum was both worried and annoyed, it was a constant battle all through the day.

I can picture that being me in a couple of months. I wonder which of these will be his chronic fascination.

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Lunch Box (Hot or Cold Menu) – Chicken Wrap

lunch box recipie request

My sister posted this on Facebook yesterday and I have decided to chip in my own 2 pence. I am not really a fan of sandwiches, I find them incredibly boring. I am also a hot and quick food kind of girl. So chicken wrap easily fits the bill. It is super easy to make, needs about 40 seconds in the microwave to reheat, and if you want to eat it cold it’s still delish.

Chicken tortilla Wrap image from kraftrecipes

Chicken Tortilla Wrap image from kraftrecipes


  • Tortilla Wraps
  • Diced Chicken (can be substituted for prawns, minced meat, bacon)
  • Cabbage (sliced)
  • Mayonnaise
  • Butter (optional)
  • Cherry Tomatoes (super hard ones)


Stick the wrap in to the microwave for 1-2 minutes or stick it into the oven for 4 – 5 minutes. Cook and dice your chicken, slice your cabbage and tomatoes. Mix everything up with mayonnaise. Spread the tortilla wrap with butter or mayonnaise. Put a small portion in the centre of the wrap (enough so you can still roll it and close it up neatly). Serve warm or cold. Hubby likes his cold. You can also substitute the cabbage with rocket for a more exotic taste. You can also vary the ingredients – tuna and sweetcorn, corn beef and carrots ,bacon and eggs, avocado with sardines or salmon, the list is endless.

Curry Noodles For Toddlers – Busy Mums’ Recipe

Some of my friends asked me what I give my toddler for lunch.  So I decided to write a post on – my less than 10 minutes recipe. I am not sure if recipe is a good description because I only ever cook to taste. That is why there are very few African cook books if any.

If you have a toddler that doesn’t eat a lot this is a recipe that is packed full of nutrients so each spoon counts. It is also an improvement on the boring old noodles.

Curry Noodles from shelovestorant

Ingredients for 1 week of lunch

– 1 and half park of Indo Mie noodles ( you can substitute with baby pasta , any other noodle brand or rice. I use noodles when LO is teething as there is less chewing needed)

– 4 Big spoons of minced meat (boiled)

– 1 cup of milk

– 1 Spoon of butter

-1/4  Stock cube (or home-made stock)

– Mixed vegetables (blended or chopped depending on age)

– Cheese (optional)

– 1/4 teaspoon Caribbean Curry paste


Boil hot water. Break the noodles into the pot and allow to boil for 3 to 5 minutes (depending on the age of your baby and how soft you want it to be).  Drain out the excess water. Add the mixed vegetables ( I like these to be really soft if not LO doesn’t digest them), the stock, minced meat , cheese and the curry paste for flavour.

simplicity in less than 10 minutes

The One With the Flash Cards

I bought some alphabet flash cards to teach my son words. The first two weeks went great. Every time I showed him a card and called out the word he would dutifully repeat it after me despite the cards having some questionable words for an 18 month old like elephant and xylophone, he still did a good job of sounding these words. He even started to recognise two of the pictures (apple and bee) and would call them without prompting. After each word, I would give him some praise by saying good boy.

Free alphabet flash cards

alphabet flash cards

Unfortunately, things have started to go downhill. Now when I show him a card instead of repeating the word after me. He goes straight to praising himself by saying good boy. No matter which card I show him, the only thing he says is good boy. Now, I am not sure if he thinks all the cards are good boys or he seriously thinks he is doing a good job by not pronouncing the words or he has a massive ego and thinks he is the goodest boy ever (excuse my english – if Beyoncé can create a new word so can I) or is just trying to cut the chase by saying good boy and getting it over with. Whichever it is I am not sure what to do at this point.

He still goes round the house shouting bee bee so at least he remembers some of the words and when he uses the flash cards on my phone he pronounces the words accordingly. Good boy? Yes/No the verdict is still out at this point.

PS: you can print free flash cards here 

Accidental Review – Sainsbury’s Basic Nappies

sainsburys basic nappies

Sainsbury’s basic nappies

This product accidentally came into my life one Saturday when we ran out of nappies. I had ordered a carton of our favourite brand Pampers (after Huggies stopped trading in the UK) and was due to pick it up from the store on Sunday. However by Saturday we had run out of nappies at home. I need a few nappies to tide us over till Sunday so we popped in to Sainsbury’s to buy some emergency supplies. LO was sleeping in the car so I instructed hubby to buy something cheap. I was really horrified when he came back with sainsbury’s basic nappies. I expected him to go cheap but not that cheap, more like Sainsbury’s little ones cheap.

For the first time in my life I have to say that I am happy that DH is cheap :-). The nappies are £1.41 for a pack of 20 (£0.07 per nappy, same pack of Pampers retails at £0.32 per nappy) a really good bargain. They are not that great for night-time wear as the padded bit in my opinion should be wider. So in the night I still use Pampers baby dry. I was scared that LO might break out in a rash (don’t ask me why), however 3 weeks on no sign of any rash. I am now on the hunt for a cheaper night alternative. Any suggestions?

Baby Summer WishList

Baby Summer Wish List

As the sun shines brighter and my holiday draws closer.  I have been scouting my usually hunts for summer clothes for LO.  This season pale pastel colours are all the range.  I also have a thing for stripes. So here my faves for now.

Twin pack strip shirts £5 at Mataland. I am quite happy to buy really cheap clothes for summer because the season is so short and by next summer LO would definitely have outgrown them.

Stone Jean Shorts also from Mataland. What is summer without legs.

Clogs for playing in the rain, £3 at Mataland.

Footbed Sandals £6 also from Mataland (Just received their catalogue in the post)

Geek T-Shirt – Mataland £3 they also have the Nerd one. You know how I love to matchy matchy. I have a similar Geek Tee so this is a must have for LO.

Now for my more vain finds

Found those lovely blue loafers at Zara. Cant find them in stock anymore :-(.

Blue drawstring jeans also from Zara

Denim shorts with suspenders Zara £14.99. I can picture LO in this with a straw hat or papa’s cap and a classic white linen shirt.

Pink strip and Blue check shirts Both £10.99 at Zara.

Casual leather basket ball boots £17.99 at Zara

And Finally Check shirts from Next £9.00

How to save on baby items.

shopping for baby

In its first year your baby could cost you $10,158 (6,499.87) going by babycenter.coms’ baby cost calculator. According to The Telegraph “a third of mothers acquire debt on maternity leave. The average debt accrued by new mothers is £2,500 as one in10 cut short leave for financial reasons”.

However you don’t have to incur all these cost. Someone once said to me “I have to remember that the amount of money I spend on my baby doesn’t determine how much worth I place on her”.

Babies grow fast they move from one stage to another before you can blink and that fancy item you bought might only get used once or twice. Especially in the early stages 0 – 6 months. Believe me I learnt the hard way. The first £8 pair of shoes I bought for my baby he wore just once and then it was too small. Think about it, how many major outing would you baby have in a week?    So by the next major outing you find out that those fancy clothes you bought are all already too small. I even have items that I forgot where even there. I found them while clearing out the cupboard and by then they were already too small. So how do you save?

First of all prioritize – You don’t need everything written in the list at the back of the mothercare book.  Moses basket: no need go straight for a cotbed. Baby beddings: no need use yours. Just make sure you give it an extra clean. The most essential things you need in the first few months are a few baby grows, nappies, blankets, caps if its winter and a car seat to bring your baby home.

Make sure friends and family know you would accept second-hand and freebies.

Discount Vouchers and Freebies – subscribe to as many parenting forums as possible and you would be given vouchers and loads of freebies for doing so. To list a few of the one’s I got.

  • Baby bag for boots – priced at £30
  • 2 Advent bottles – priced at £5.95 each
  • 3 pack of Newborn diapers – both huggies and pampers (from Bounty, Sainsbury baby club, Asda baby club) loads of sample as well.
  • Loads of sample wipes (pampers and huggies from Bounty and Sainsbury baby club)
  • 3 sample sudocream and 2 sample bepanthen nappy cream
  • 0-3 years tooth brush and toothpaste
  • A load of Johnson’s products.
  • Loads of stuffed animals (cow and gate, aptimil etc)
  • Baby booties (Sainsbury’s)
  • Iron tables, cotton wool, washing powder fairy, fabric softener, Dettol spray and loads of money off vouchers for baby food, diapers, wipes, soaps.

Bargain hunt – I love bargain hunting.  My best bargain for my baby was two free buggies, Moses basket with stand £6, car seat £10. I think all in all I spent about £500 preparing for my baby. Get acquainted with the internet. A lot of money saving sites claim it is cheaper to buy online and in my experience it is. Here are some sites which might help you. There is also the NCT sales, they are a charity that organizes  sales for mothers in their local areas. At the NCT Mothers can buy nearly new items at bargain prices from their owners.  Just check their website for one thats coming to your area.

eBay – you can get both new and second hand bargains here. I even sell my baby items here once I am done with them.

Preloved – Same set up as eBay. Bought stuff like leather chair £30, washing machine £50. Baby activity centre £5.

Mumscentre – Exchange, buy, and sell baby items.

Mumsnet  – Buy from mums in your area get free stuff as well.

Amazon – Some items are usually cheaper on amazon than in than the baby shoes. I regularity find that baby bottles are cheaper in amazon plus most of the time they have free delivery.

Freecycle – Get and give away your items for free (I have a friend who furnished her house off Freecycle).

This is not an exhaustive list. It is just a list of sites I use regularly.  On a note of caution there are a few things that you shouldn’t buy as second hand for a baby like bottle teats, you are also advised against buying a used cot mattress so make sure you do your research before you buy.

Happy Saving.

Things I wish I invented

Every once in a while something brilliant comes into the market and I have a damn why didn’t I think of that moment.  I get that moment at least once a week when some 18 year old invents something so useful I wonder how the world existed without it in the first place. In-Flight Baby Carrier

Just had that moment when I saw this product.  The FlyeBaby hammock from flyebaby.com. Although it can only be used during the cruise part of your journey at £38.99 its a lovely product.  At least I can console myself with the fact that it wasn’t invented by an 18 year old :-). I am also in love with their Five-Point Harness System perfect for taking your kids out to social gatherings. baby harness from London mum on a budget

(This is not a sponsored post all the view expressed are mine)