Is My Husband More Intelligent Than I Am?

YES! He is! Well according to the latest research on phone usage and personalities. The research  conducted by TalkTalk, which questioned 2,000 mobile users, concludes that iPhone users are vain and spend more on clothes and grooming (me) while blackberry users earn the most money and work less for it. They are most likely to be in long-term relationships and have the most friends (him).

The humble mobile phone is no longer just a communication device but a fashion statement and psychoanalysis tool. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget just how much technology has changed over the last few decades. We have moved from function technology to lifestyle technology. There are so many gadgets that have been displaced by the phone. I can’t remember the last time I checked my watch or used a calculator that wasn’t on my phone.

…….so girls next time you are checking a guy out or when swapping numbers check his phone. If he doesn’t use a blackberry run fast he is definitely not for keeps. And if you need fashion advice – please ask the iPhone user J (or just ask me, you know I consider my humble self a cat walk queen “cough cough”).

I rather like the android user who is the hardest worker in the bunch, loves to cook (Does frying egg count?), drinks (cocktails any one) and is creative (me! me! – read my blog lately). The only thing they missed out in the description is the fashion aspect. I am here to point out that android can be fashionable. Check out the catwalk lunch of the Xperia Z. I can definitely see myself up there struttin’ my stuff. Isn’t that what an ad is supposed to be, aspirational?

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Baby Summer WishList

Baby Summer Wish List

As the sun shines brighter and my holiday draws closer.  I have been scouting my usually hunts for summer clothes for LO.  This season pale pastel colours are all the range.  I also have a thing for stripes. So here my faves for now.

Twin pack strip shirts £5 at Mataland. I am quite happy to buy really cheap clothes for summer because the season is so short and by next summer LO would definitely have outgrown them.

Stone Jean Shorts also from Mataland. What is summer without legs.

Clogs for playing in the rain, £3 at Mataland.

Footbed Sandals £6 also from Mataland (Just received their catalogue in the post)

Geek T-Shirt – Mataland £3 they also have the Nerd one. You know how I love to matchy matchy. I have a similar Geek Tee so this is a must have for LO.

Now for my more vain finds

Found those lovely blue loafers at Zara. Cant find them in stock anymore :-(.

Blue drawstring jeans also from Zara

Denim shorts with suspenders Zara £14.99. I can picture LO in this with a straw hat or papa’s cap and a classic white linen shirt.

Pink strip and Blue check shirts Both £10.99 at Zara.

Casual leather basket ball boots £17.99 at Zara

And Finally Check shirts from Next £9.00

Sunglasses For Spring & Summer

designer sunglasses trends

designer sunglasses@shelovestorant

We’ve officially entered the spring and summer season, and that means that, as usual, we are about to be inundated with fashion advice from all corners. Catalogues, fashion blogs, billboards, television ads, shop windows, and even our friends *winks* will all be displaying the latest warm weather styles, and we’ll all be tempted to do a bit of a wardrobe update. But really, the clothes usually take care of themselves. It’s the accessories that can get tricky. My hubby recently travelled back home where it so warm and sunny, so I have been browsing sunglasses.

In particular, trends in spring and summer sunglasses can be a bit difficult to read or pick up on. In fact, not everyone is even able to take advantage of these accessory trends, depending on eyecare needs (I wear prescription lenses). But whether you typically avoid sunglasses altogether, pop in your acuvue contact lenses  so you can free up your eyes for sunglasses, or even opt for prescription sunglass lenses, these trends exist, and sometimes they’re the most enjoyable ones to take advantage of. Along those lines, here are 5 fun and fashionable trends in sunglasses for spring and summer of 2013 (Yep I am in with the fashion blogs :-)).

1. Bold Stripes

One of the most noticeable accessory trends on spring and summer fashion runways was boldly striped frames on sunglasses. High-end designers like D&G displayed just about every combination of colour imaginable in these striped frames, which tend to go on oversized frames with dark lenses.

2. White Frames

For a somewhat retro look this spring and summer, you might be able to have some fun with some all-white sunglasses frames. Typically contrasted with dark lenses, these glasses come in all different shapes and sizes, but absolutely display a bold and confident sense of fashion.

3. Round Glasses

In the past few years, summer sunglasses have trended toward blockier, more angled shapes. This spring and summer, however, you can certainly expect to see some round frames out and about, and this too evokes a sort of vintage, retro feel. Round frames certainly don’t work for everybody, but if you’re looking for a more unique and noticeable option this is a trend to consider.

4. All-Black

Not exactly a surprise, all-black sunglasses are once again making the rounds in spring and summer fashion. Perhaps the most traditional look for a pair of sunglasses, black frames with black lenses will always be stylish. Plus they go with everything.

5. Colourful Lenses

Finally, if you want to have a bit more fun with your spring and summer glasses selection, consider coloured lenses. Whether it’s a fading neutral colour combination, or something a bit brighter such as a pink or blue lens, there are plenty of options out there worth considering. Particularly in a beach environment, these lenses can be very enjoyable in the summer.

Well, I am off to tour the web and find some glasses I can actually afford. Would keep you posted on my spring/summer finds. BrB.

Birthday Wishlist

Birthday Wish List


1) Made in Lagos Sweatshirt; I found this on one of my frequent trips to The Natural Lounge.  After much digging I found it online .  Absolutely love it at 45 Euros it’s not so bad. I wish I could get one for my son that would read Made on Valentines day 🙂

2) What is a wish list without some heels; These are so on trend. Spikes and spring colours. I found them on Boohoo, at £30 its practically a steal.

3) Rose is the new gold; I am usually not a watch person but my previous watch just gave up on me. When I took it to the shop I was told I would have to pay £40 to get the engine serviced as it was out of warranty. I might as well invest in a new one the rage now is women wearing men’s wristwatch. Ideally I would love a Rolex  (a girl can dream can,t she) but I guess I might have to settle for the £85 swatch.

4) An Ipad mini; no explanations needed. I need it, I want it now.

5) An SLR Camera; Currently in the process of saving for one. What is a blog without great pictures. I haven’t placed a link to the one I want to get because I haven’t quite made up my mind. Nothing to high-end though just something that can take great pictures without fuss. My uncle promised to buy me one for my birthday. Shame he has upped and gone to Singapore without fulfilling his promise. See uncle I promised to name and shame. A promise is a debt. (please Re-tweet)

6) Blue Converse; Just got a blue vans for my son so I want a blue converse to play matchy matchy with him. I haven’t decided where to shop for it yet still watching out for deals.

7) Ugg Boots; Hello spring since you missed the train to London I have decided to get myself some sung boots. I hear its going to be winter forever this year so I might as well.  Besides after the Ugg Boots made my wish list 3 times in a row, DH decided he was tired of my nagging and finally got them for me for my birthday. There was a great offer in office so he got 20% off that is £40 off to you and me.  I can’t wait for them to be delivered. I am sure I would live in them. Thanks Hon (see I am romantic).

So there guys you can’t say you so don’t know what to get me for my birthday.

Thanks for reading and commenting guys you have been great as always.



Dressing Up My Baby

I am one of those mums who like to colour coordinate with their off spring (Yep, I am one of those). I used to wonder what that was all about until I fell pregnant. I just couldn’t help myself. I prayed for a girl so I could make her a mini me. An extension of my fashion ego *winks* (yes that’s a thing, if it isn’t then it should be). DH was worse than me, he Goggled “how to make a girl” (serious was our obsession). You can imagine my disappointment when I found out it was a boy. Truth be told, I shed a few vain tears. I didn’t even start shopping for my baby until I was 9 months pregnant. I just couldn’t get excited. I kept feeling there was nothing exciting to buy for a boy (I shriek at the vanity of these thoughts).

I repented of my thoughts when I started reading a lot of mummy blogs and several baby sites the first of which was Baby Centre. I read about many women with sick babies, in an out of hospitals everyday. People who were genuinely scared about the health of their kids, women struggling with infertility. I even had a scare of my own when I was told by my mid-wife at a routine scan that they couldn’t see all the parts of my baby’s heart. I was referred to St Thomas Hospital. I remember walking through the hospital and seeing all those sick children. The forced cheer in the atmosphere; created by toys and colourful paintings. Parents holding hands in the waiting rooms with fear in their eyes. As I read the consent form before the scan all I could think of was God I just want a healthy baby. Thankfully my baby was fine and he was born a whopping 4.5kg. When I saw him, it didn’t matter if he was a boy or a girl. To me he was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen and I loved him more than I did myself. He has brought me so much pleasure that I seriously consider stopping at one. I keep asking DH “If I have another one how would I love another child like I love him”?

One of my favourite activities is still dressing him up. Especially in the mornings as we prepare for work, when I dry his hair after a bath he always lifts up his head  for a kiss. This has become one of our traditions. I still don’t have a lot of coordinated clothes. One sweater which I blogged about. I think our niche is shoes. I am usually a girlie girl but I am now embracing the sporty spice vibe.

Mother and Baby Shoes

Our few matchy’s and the new shoe I am trying to match.

LO converse is now too small. I am even trying to sell it on Preloved. I have now started visiting sites like JD Sports (never used to be on my shopping map). I even saw some girly wedge trainers. Yea, yea ,I know I am on a spending ban however I didn’t say LO was on one too.

Funny how little things can bring so much Joy.

I Think I Smell Spring

There are several rows of shops on my way to work.  As a recovering shopperholic I find it difficult to resist looking into the windows as I walk pass. Thank God they are never open in the mornings and after work I have to make a dash for it. However, I often find myself online looking through the new collections longingly. I have been resisting the urge to go online but its my birthday month yippee and I am on the hunt for a party dress.

All my usual shops have let me down as I have not found anything remotely interesting. Usually when I shop online I just browse my usual hang outs however this time due to my lack of success, I decided to dig a little deeper. I discovered a new site Bank Fashion . Still didn’t find my party dress and I got side tracked by this little number. I am in love.

Pinnie Dress

Red or Dead Pinnie Dress

Red or Dead isn’t a brand I usually buy. The only item of theirs I own is a pair of prescription glasses. So dear friends if you are looking for what to get me for my birthday your search is over LOL.  I usually get a dress for my birthday every year. This year I am thinking of a change of style maybe a skirt or some thing really different. This season tribal prints, sequins and monochrome are in. I am having a Bollywood themed party (so monochrome is out, too boring), so I have been looking for something suitably sparkly and yet hot, hot, hot.  These are some of my Red or Dead/Forever Unique finds on Bank.


Red or Dead Pearly Sequin Skirt and SELFISH By Forever Unique Azro Sequin Skirt

I am so excited I know about 10 people born in march. Yesterday I was at ping pong with one of them. Would share how that went when I do another My Week in Food Post. I cant wait to see what this month holds. So many birthdays, so much food.

Happy New Month Peeps. I wish you all loads of happiness in this new month.



My Summer Wish List

summer wish list

Things I wish I bought this summer (click to enlarge)

1 – I love this dress from Asos makes me feel so girly. At £55 Its a lovely piece for a summer wedding. Team with a yellow peep toe for a lovely summer look. Unfortunately, I have no wedding to attend this summer just baby showers so its converse all the way for me.

2 – This has just been reduced to £10 on Asos.  However its a river island piece.  Its something to just throw on without even thinking about it. Brings out the little girl in me.

3 – Can picture myself around the house or a quick trip to the high street if the rain permits in this Boohoo number.

4 – What can I say about this Ultimo shapeware. It’s an excellent piece of work for hiding all sins. Tucks in the tummy solves all backless problems, heals the sick etc ,etc . From £42 depending on where you buy it. Stocked by Next, Asos ,Very, Debenhams.

5 – Yet another wedding number from Topshop at £160 it sooooo expensive. Be careful not to upstage the bride in this.

6 – Strappy sandals are so in right now. New seasons collection from Zara at £59.99. I missed the last seasons one’s during the sales cause my usual size just wont fit  😦

7 – Is there any girl in London who doesn’t  have this bag. Back again for another season for £79.99. still on my wish list

8 – Simple dress from Topshop team with studded shoe boots and a lovely leather jacket – rock chick all the way. £25