Lunch Box (Hot or Cold Menu) – Chicken Wrap

lunch box recipie request

My sister posted this on Facebook yesterday and I have decided to chip in my own 2 pence. I am not really a fan of sandwiches, I find them incredibly boring. I am also a hot and quick food kind of girl. So chicken wrap easily fits the bill. It is super easy to make, needs about 40 seconds in the microwave to reheat, and if you want to eat it cold it’s still delish.

Chicken tortilla Wrap image from kraftrecipes

Chicken Tortilla Wrap image from kraftrecipes


  • Tortilla Wraps
  • Diced Chicken (can be substituted for prawns, minced meat, bacon)
  • Cabbage (sliced)
  • Mayonnaise
  • Butter (optional)
  • Cherry Tomatoes (super hard ones)


Stick the wrap in to the microwave for 1-2 minutes or stick it into the oven for 4 – 5 minutes. Cook and dice your chicken, slice your cabbage and tomatoes. Mix everything up with mayonnaise. Spread the tortilla wrap with butter or mayonnaise. Put a small portion in the centre of the wrap (enough so you can still roll it and close it up neatly). Serve warm or cold. Hubby likes his cold. You can also substitute the cabbage with rocket for a more exotic taste. You can also vary the ingredients – tuna and sweetcorn, corn beef and carrots ,bacon and eggs, avocado with sardines or salmon, the list is endless.


Birthday Wishlist

Birthday Wish List


1) Made in Lagos Sweatshirt; I found this on one of my frequent trips to The Natural Lounge.  After much digging I found it online .  Absolutely love it at 45 Euros it’s not so bad. I wish I could get one for my son that would read Made on Valentines day 🙂

2) What is a wish list without some heels; These are so on trend. Spikes and spring colours. I found them on Boohoo, at £30 its practically a steal.

3) Rose is the new gold; I am usually not a watch person but my previous watch just gave up on me. When I took it to the shop I was told I would have to pay £40 to get the engine serviced as it was out of warranty. I might as well invest in a new one the rage now is women wearing men’s wristwatch. Ideally I would love a Rolex  (a girl can dream can,t she) but I guess I might have to settle for the £85 swatch.

4) An Ipad mini; no explanations needed. I need it, I want it now.

5) An SLR Camera; Currently in the process of saving for one. What is a blog without great pictures. I haven’t placed a link to the one I want to get because I haven’t quite made up my mind. Nothing to high-end though just something that can take great pictures without fuss. My uncle promised to buy me one for my birthday. Shame he has upped and gone to Singapore without fulfilling his promise. See uncle I promised to name and shame. A promise is a debt. (please Re-tweet)

6) Blue Converse; Just got a blue vans for my son so I want a blue converse to play matchy matchy with him. I haven’t decided where to shop for it yet still watching out for deals.

7) Ugg Boots; Hello spring since you missed the train to London I have decided to get myself some sung boots. I hear its going to be winter forever this year so I might as well.  Besides after the Ugg Boots made my wish list 3 times in a row, DH decided he was tired of my nagging and finally got them for me for my birthday. There was a great offer in office so he got 20% off that is £40 off to you and me.  I can’t wait for them to be delivered. I am sure I would live in them. Thanks Hon (see I am romantic).

So there guys you can’t say you so don’t know what to get me for my birthday.

Thanks for reading and commenting guys you have been great as always.



Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

women and Children's Wellingtons

Mother and Child’s Wellingtons

Images from

Just when I write a post about spring, here comes snow to laugh in my face. The last time it snowed, I didn’t take my son out to play. I was worried that he might get a cold and I didn’t want to risk it because of work. Also, I didn’t have the right gear. I am not quite sure if I should still buy snow boots or wellies seeing it’s almost spring. Even the shops are preaching the spring message by not stocking any winter wear. The weather however is refusing to cooperate . I went into a shop to look for thick gloves for my son and I, I was informed by the shop assistant that they are no longer in stock because it is spring. My reply “wishing its spring doesn’t actually make it come true does it”.

I am now forced to browse speciality shops online. My dilemma now is what size to buy. I can’t buy his actual size now as spring is almost here (touch wood). I can’t buy a size up because by next winter he would have out grown it. I can’t buy two sizes up as that would definitely be a health and safety issue in the snow. Decisions, decisions maybe I should just keep him in doors but then the guilt sets in like he is missing out on something. Arhhhhhhhh! Can I pray for more snow so my purchase can be justified?

Let it snow! Let it snow!

I Think I Smell Spring

There are several rows of shops on my way to work.  As a recovering shopperholic I find it difficult to resist looking into the windows as I walk pass. Thank God they are never open in the mornings and after work I have to make a dash for it. However, I often find myself online looking through the new collections longingly. I have been resisting the urge to go online but its my birthday month yippee and I am on the hunt for a party dress.

All my usual shops have let me down as I have not found anything remotely interesting. Usually when I shop online I just browse my usual hang outs however this time due to my lack of success, I decided to dig a little deeper. I discovered a new site Bank Fashion . Still didn’t find my party dress and I got side tracked by this little number. I am in love.

Pinnie Dress

Red or Dead Pinnie Dress

Red or Dead isn’t a brand I usually buy. The only item of theirs I own is a pair of prescription glasses. So dear friends if you are looking for what to get me for my birthday your search is over LOL.  I usually get a dress for my birthday every year. This year I am thinking of a change of style maybe a skirt or some thing really different. This season tribal prints, sequins and monochrome are in. I am having a Bollywood themed party (so monochrome is out, too boring), so I have been looking for something suitably sparkly and yet hot, hot, hot.  These are some of my Red or Dead/Forever Unique finds on Bank.


Red or Dead Pearly Sequin Skirt and SELFISH By Forever Unique Azro Sequin Skirt

I am so excited I know about 10 people born in march. Yesterday I was at ping pong with one of them. Would share how that went when I do another My Week in Food Post. I cant wait to see what this month holds. So many birthdays, so much food.

Happy New Month Peeps. I wish you all loads of happiness in this new month.



My Week in Food

Ny week in food

Salmon,Steak,Chicken,Chocolate cake and Chantilly Cream,Cheese Cake,Spaghetti, Pina Colada and me-self rocking my Afro quiff. 🙂

I love food, probably a bit too much if I am honest. I also love to dance.  This week I got to combine the two things I love dinner and dance.  It was a friend’s birthday and we went to Floridita a Latin American dine and dance club.  I wasn’t disappointed by the atmosphere and the music the food however was a bit of a let down.  It wasn’t horrible, it was just okay. Nothing special really.  I was going to go there for my birthday next month however, I am now on the hunt for another affordable Latin dine and dance club. Any suggestion peeps?