I Forget My Favourite Disney Character “cough” “cough”

Disney Infinity Characters

I lie ha! ha! I can still remember wanting to be a Disney princess, hanging my braids out of the window and belting out  “A whole new world” at the top of my voice wishing that someday my love would be here and somehow I know that he’ll take care of me me ……. Fast track the years and I can’t remember the last Disney movie that was released. Hubby hates cartoons and I can’t even get LO to watch TV.

I know in a few months’ time superhero’s would be my life, I would literary be buried in cartoon characters. LO is already singing “toki toki litter star, how a wata wa tu are”. This is a vast improvement from last months “wild wild” a tribute to Jesse Jay or “chop a moni” a tribute to all the African party’s he has been to. Last Christmas was spent with LO cousin who had a chronic spider-man fascination. I call it chronic because he refused to take of the spider-man mask all day. He (LO cousin) was going to wear it to sleep, eat and bath if he could help it. His mum was both worried and annoyed, it was a constant battle all through the day.

I can picture that being me in a couple of months. I wonder which of these will be his chronic fascination.

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