Curry Noodles For Toddlers – Busy Mums’ Recipe

Some of my friends asked me what I give my toddler for lunch.  So I decided to write a post on – my less than 10 minutes recipe. I am not sure if recipe is a good description because I only ever cook to taste. That is why there are very few African cook books if any.

If you have a toddler that doesn’t eat a lot this is a recipe that is packed full of nutrients so each spoon counts. It is also an improvement on the boring old noodles.

Curry Noodles from shelovestorant

Ingredients for 1 week of lunch

– 1 and half park of Indo Mie noodles ( you can substitute with baby pasta , any other noodle brand or rice. I use noodles when LO is teething as there is less chewing needed)

– 4 Big spoons of minced meat (boiled)

– 1 cup of milk

– 1 Spoon of butter

-1/4  Stock cube (or home-made stock)

– Mixed vegetables (blended or chopped depending on age)

– Cheese (optional)

– 1/4 teaspoon Caribbean Curry paste


Boil hot water. Break the noodles into the pot and allow to boil for 3 to 5 minutes (depending on the age of your baby and how soft you want it to be).  Drain out the excess water. Add the mixed vegetables ( I like these to be really soft if not LO doesn’t digest them), the stock, minced meat , cheese and the curry paste for flavour.

simplicity in less than 10 minutes


Multitasking Challenge

working mum
As a working mum, my weekends are down to a precision art. With a list of chores that would make any domestic goddess green with envy. I have to multi task to get everything done in time or else I wouldn’t get any rest. Here is a snap shot of my list

Sort out 4 loads of washing (whites, coloured, blacks and wools) the key to this is starting the whites and coloured early so that by the time the wools are washed (they take the longest to dry and we don’t own a drier and we live in a flat so no hanging space) the whites and coloured are dried making way for the wools to dry all weekend.

Organise the meals for the week. I am not really a fan of cooking. I do love food but the process of getting it ready and out there isn’t my favourite chore. Truth be told I prefer cleaning to cooking. My approach to cooking is fast and convenient (cooking things that are easy from scratch). If you know anything about cooking African food, you would know this is almost an impossible mission. Every meal has two have 2 types of meat, vegetables washed and chopped to precision size. Different types of fish – dried, fresh, blended etc. There is also LO’s food and fruit pots to be prepared & labelled for the week. Over the weekend I cook in bulk so I don’t need to prepare anything from scratch during the week as most days I get home by 7.10pm.

– House cleaning. Weekend is the time to give every room a complete wipe down. DH also chips in buy drying the washing, taking out the bins, cleaning the bathroom and generally keeping LO busy while I get on with it.

So when I was sent this multitasking test by open education I was so sure I was the ideal candidate for it . However, my score was below average :-(. I am not sure if it’s because I was playing it during my break at work and I gave it all but 2 minutes (diminished attention span). I would try again during a less stressful period and update the post. Do have a play and let me know how it goes.

I have also included some articles below which show that multi tasking isn’t such a good idea so maybe there is a silver lining behind my low score *winks*

PS. I tried to embed the game on my blog don’t know why it didn’t work. While trying to find out what was wrong I accidentally published the post before it was ready as well. Apologies to everyone who got the unfinished version.

Dressing Up My Baby

I am one of those mums who like to colour coordinate with their off spring (Yep, I am one of those). I used to wonder what that was all about until I fell pregnant. I just couldn’t help myself. I prayed for a girl so I could make her a mini me. An extension of my fashion ego *winks* (yes that’s a thing, if it isn’t then it should be). DH was worse than me, he Goggled “how to make a girl” (serious was our obsession). You can imagine my disappointment when I found out it was a boy. Truth be told, I shed a few vain tears. I didn’t even start shopping for my baby until I was 9 months pregnant. I just couldn’t get excited. I kept feeling there was nothing exciting to buy for a boy (I shriek at the vanity of these thoughts).

I repented of my thoughts when I started reading a lot of mummy blogs and several baby sites the first of which was Baby Centre. I read about many women with sick babies, in an out of hospitals everyday. People who were genuinely scared about the health of their kids, women struggling with infertility. I even had a scare of my own when I was told by my mid-wife at a routine scan that they couldn’t see all the parts of my baby’s heart. I was referred to St Thomas Hospital. I remember walking through the hospital and seeing all those sick children. The forced cheer in the atmosphere; created by toys and colourful paintings. Parents holding hands in the waiting rooms with fear in their eyes. As I read the consent form before the scan all I could think of was God I just want a healthy baby. Thankfully my baby was fine and he was born a whopping 4.5kg. When I saw him, it didn’t matter if he was a boy or a girl. To me he was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen and I loved him more than I did myself. He has brought me so much pleasure that I seriously consider stopping at one. I keep asking DH “If I have another one how would I love another child like I love him”?

One of my favourite activities is still dressing him up. Especially in the mornings as we prepare for work, when I dry his hair after a bath he always lifts up his head  for a kiss. This has become one of our traditions. I still don’t have a lot of coordinated clothes. One sweater which I blogged about. I think our niche is shoes. I am usually a girlie girl but I am now embracing the sporty spice vibe.

Mother and Baby Shoes

Our few matchy’s and the new shoe I am trying to match.

LO converse is now too small. I am even trying to sell it on Preloved. I have now started visiting sites like JD Sports (never used to be on my shopping map). I even saw some girly wedge trainers. Yea, yea ,I know I am on a spending ban however I didn’t say LO was on one too.

Funny how little things can bring so much Joy.

Missing Him Already

It amazing how fast kids grow. I remember bringing my baby home from the hospital and placing him in his Moses basket. I remember him getting a cold at 8 weeks and making the transfer from the basket to my bed (sometimes when a baby gets a cold they get sleep apnea and that scared the pants off me). After that it was just too much of a struggle to put him in his cot as he kept waking up at night and I had to get some sleep in other to remain sane at work the next day. He would agree to sleep in his cot during the day however, once it was night he would kick up a storm if you placed him in it.

Now at 15 months my husband and I finally admitted to ourselves that we enjoy having him in our bed too much. How long are we going to keep him here? It was time to move him. That night as we slept I noticed that my baby had started placing his hand around me when he sleeps. Yep, the time had definitely come to move him before he gets too use to holding me that he refuses to sleep alone ever.

Baby Cot

LO in his cot. What it looks like now and what it used to look like with DH clothes piled in it.

I cleared his cot which had become hubby’s dumping ground for his clothes.  Friday was the big day since we expected a fuss. It was the end of the week so if he cried at least I had Saturday to rest.

This is how it played out. Baby slept soundly not even making a wink. Mummy didn’t sleep at all constantly fretting over peacefully sleeping baby. Daddy complained that the bed felt too big.

Missing him already. Wonder how moving him into his own room is going to go :-(. If there are any ex co-sleepers I would love to hear from you. Thanks

Literally A Shitty Day :-(

Taking a break from the heavy stuff (the marriage series) to share something just for laughs.

My morning runs are usually down to a tee. Every eventuality is prepared for before hand. However, anyone who has a child knows that when they throw a curve ball you can kiss your schedule goodbye. We usually leave the house at 7.15am to catch the 7.20am bus to the child-minders place. Last friday 01/02/2013 at 7.15am we were right on schedule to leave the house. Unfortunately, little one (LO) had other ideas and decided to do a poo. Usually this doesn’t faze me as I can change a diaper to military precision. Unfortunately for me LO is at the stage where he is very interested in what goes on down there. As soon as I opened the diaper, in came his hand trying to reach for his poo. I tried begging ,holding both hands, crying, threatening, to know no avail. 5 minutes later, half pack of wipes and one towel down we were literally covered in poo.

By now he was crying because I won’t let him eat the stuff, I kid you not. He also wanted me to carry him so he could decorate me with the stuff. Decision time do I plonk him in the bathroom and go late to work or wrap him in a bin liner take him to the minder and pretend not to know he is covered in poo. I was so upset.

While I was foaming in anger. I remembered a post by a blogger called Talin where she talked about her Jelly Bean moments (can find the post to link to it). This involves taking pleasure from little things when it feels like everything is going wrong. I looked in his cot and caught sight of a sweater I had recently purchased for him. I have a similar sweater and I thought how nice we would both look if we wore the sweater on the same day. I decided to do that on sunday. 20 minutes later having missed 3 buses. We where out of the door. At least I got Sundays outfit sorted what does it matter if I am late for work. :-).

mummy and baby

LO and I, matchy matchy

Thanks to everyone who has been reading the marriage series. For every one who took the time to drop a comment and get in touch I really appreciate you. If you however missed the series and would like to catch up on it please find –

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I am currently writing my own experience. I can’t wait to share it with you guys.