Curry Noodles For Toddlers – Busy Mums’ Recipe

Some of my friends asked me what I give my toddler for lunch.  So I decided to write a post on – my less than 10 minutes recipe. I am not sure if recipe is a good description because I only ever cook to taste. That is why there are very few African cook books if any.

If you have a toddler that doesn’t eat a lot this is a recipe that is packed full of nutrients so each spoon counts. It is also an improvement on the boring old noodles.

Curry Noodles from shelovestorant

Ingredients for 1 week of lunch

– 1 and half park of Indo Mie noodles ( you can substitute with baby pasta , any other noodle brand or rice. I use noodles when LO is teething as there is less chewing needed)

– 4 Big spoons of minced meat (boiled)

– 1 cup of milk

– 1 Spoon of butter

-1/4  Stock cube (or home-made stock)

– Mixed vegetables (blended or chopped depending on age)

– Cheese (optional)

– 1/4 teaspoon Caribbean Curry paste


Boil hot water. Break the noodles into the pot and allow to boil for 3 to 5 minutes (depending on the age of your baby and how soft you want it to be).  Drain out the excess water. Add the mixed vegetables ( I like these to be really soft if not LO doesn’t digest them), the stock, minced meat , cheese and the curry paste for flavour.

simplicity in less than 10 minutes